Among Swing Voters In CO, FL, IA, NV, NH, OH & VA, Which Resonates More?


In web video, Romney says Obama’s plan is 960 days late.

Perry: “Like the president’s earlier $800 billion stimulus program, this proposal offers little hope for millions of Americans who have lost jobs on his watch, and taxpayers who are rightly concerned that their children will inherit a mountain of debt.”

Huntsman: “Tonight’s list of regurgitated half-measures demonstrates that President Obama fundamentally doesn’t understand how to turn our economy around.”

Bachmann: “[Obama] called 535 members back to hear what I believe was nothing more than a political speech.”

Santorum: “The President’s speech tonight was more of the same failed policies and empty rhetoric that got him elected and got us in this mess.”

Cain tweets President should’ve asked him how to create jobs.

To me, it’s clear as day.

How about to you?