About us

monday morning quarterback
–noun Informal.
a person who criticizes the actions or decisions of others after the fact, using hindsight to assess situations and specify alternative solutions.

v.  tr.
1. A clacking sound: the clack of an old-fashioned typewriter.
2. Thoughtless, prolonged talk; chatter.

Monday Morning Clacker is my online pen name.

Some people think I’m smart. Some people think I’m stupid. And some people don’t think much about it.

You can say that I win some and I lose some.

For most of ’06, all of ’07 and most of 2008 I wrote about the 2008 presidential election for my political blog, GreenMountainPolitics1.

Mondaymorningclacker.com is GreenMountainPolitics1 v2.0

Or something like that.

To pay the bills my real world alter ego advises corporate, non-profit and political clients on a variety of topics, which brings us to the


The words and opinions expressed on this site are my own and do not represent those of any associate or association.

Also, I don’t use this blog to discuss my day job’s clients. Or their competition. On the extremely rare occasion that I might bring up a paying client on this site, there will be a big, fat disclaimer on the post saying so.