Auto News: A Complete Comparison between Paste wax vs Liquid Wax

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Car or RV owners know that no matter how much they love their vehicle and how often they take care of it, it goes through very jagged situations on a regular basis. These conditions can destroy the paint or the outer surface of the vehicle. So, in order to protect it from any damage, professional detailers recommend to regularly hand wax it. Waxing protects and guards the car exterior against the harsh elements and environmental hazards. For example, best RV wax for fiberglass can offer a layer of shield for RV by protecting the clear coat and paint job.

Waxes these days come in many different types, with the two most durable being paste and liquid. But, the question arises here is which one to choose — PASTE WAX or LIQUID WAX? Monday Morning Clacker will help you to explore the difference between paste wax vs liquid wax:

Paste wax vs Liquid Wax – Which is Better?

Car wax helps to protect our cars from harmful UV rays in warm weather and protects them from harsh elements in cold weather. When it comes to waxing a painted surface of the car, most people especially car enthusiasts get confused between Paste wax and Liquid wax. Both of them have some strengths and weaknesses.

Here’s a brief comparison of Liquid wax vs Paste wax.

1. Pros and Cons of Paste wax

Explore Paste wax vs. Liquid Wax
Find the comparison of Paste wax vs Liquid Wax

When you wax a painted surface with the paste wax, it brings deeper shine and glossier look on the paint. Although using paste wax is a little intricate because you have to be a little expert in this area but at the end, the results are amazing. This wax works well with rotary machines, hand pucks, and DA machines.

Paste waxes take a little longer to get onto a car, because it requires little softening before applying. A detailed wax on the car exterior with Paste wax lasts for 1-3 months depending on the car use and weather conditions. A couple of hours are required once every two months to wax the car with paste wax.

2. Pros and Cons of Liquid wax

Selecting Paste wax vs. Liquid Wax
Paste wax vs Liquid Wax comparison

On the contrary, Liquid wax takes a little time to get onto a car—they’re liquid, so are exceptionally easy to apply. It just takes 15-20 minutes to hand wax the paint surface of the car with liquid wax. So, application and use of liquid wax are easier than paste wax and the car owners usually go with liquid wax.

A detailed wax on the car exterior with liquid wax lasts for just 6-8 weeks, which is shorter as compared to paste wax. Moreover, liquid wax takes longer to dry than paste wax. Besides, the Liquid wax is considered as the best RV wax for fiberglass.

So, Liquid and Paste waxes are quite similar, but their minor dissimilarities do make each better for some situations. Now, you are very well prepared to make the choice of wax for your car’s detailing.


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